USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. The cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch daily. Each child has a cafeteria account.

Lake Alfred Elementary CafeteriaStudents:

  • Lunch - Free
  • Breakfast - Free


  • Lunch - $3.95
  • Breakfast - a la carte prices

Lunch Shifts:

  • 10:08 - 10:38 Kindergarten
  • 10:43 - 11:08 1st grade
  • 11:13 - 11:38 2nd grade
  • 11:43 -12:08 5th grade
  • 12:18 - 12:43 4th grade & Pre K
  • 12:50-1:15 3rd grade:

Polk County Public Schools, Nutrition Department includes more than 1,000 dedicated professionals who work hard to serve nutritious meals to students every day. Did you know that each school year our district serves more than six million breakfasts and 11 million lunches? We do! We believe that good nutrition is critical to student achievement and the attainment of our district's mission and goals. We strive to serve fresh, high-quality food and offer local products at every opportunity, including fresh-from-Florida green beans, corn on the cob, strawberries and more!

Mrs. Roberta and Mr. Burkett, celebrating her 27 years of serving breakfasts and lunches (which is around 9,720 meals) to our Lake Alfred Elementary students.

The link to the current menus (which are subject to change) is below:


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District Nutrition Information

For more information about food allergies/special diet needs, career opportunities, and Faq's, visit our district nutrition website below!